Ignorance is bliss

Being a toddler in the 90’s we were accustomed to watching many of the Walt Disney productions. The explicit way of the musicals and choice of words and even story line were marvelous. The things they would portray to you in a childish like approach with the animation and cartoons would leave anyone in awe. Historical moments, legends, stories from Homer’s Iliad and works from Shakespeare have been put into a childish format. References are made in which only those with knowledge of that subject would understand. Jokingly making a reference about Picasso. It’s brilliant. However, knowtice Disney’s animations are meant for children yet all of these examples indicate otherwise? Not only that but some of the things these animated characters do in these movies are rather inappropriate for a young audience. Giving double meaning to the things they would say and cleverly disguising sexual content in front of your eyes. They have a name for this sort of thing, it’s called subliminal messaging. Seems innocent enough, you might say? Wrong, If you look at the teenage youth now in days, we have lost all immorality. These seemingly innocent animations have conveyed an atrocious message to the children(now teenage)of my generation. I have seen in my lifetime many things that were once frowned a pone now accepted in the community, in society. This is all due to the media. The media plays a significant role in all the lives of everyone it reaches. They influence us in various forms such as the internet, tabloids, things on the press, television and even the radio. These things are all molding us, shaping us and grooming us to be something that they want us to become, unknowingly the results of these actions. Doesn’t it bother you that all around you people are being brain washed to be something their not, something they weren’t intended to be? You know you have heard this a numerous amount of times but, be your selves. Be the person you are, not the person the media wants you to be. We all have different ways of thinking, and that’s extraordinary! We have a million “swag fags” we have a bunch of hipsters and rockers and skaters you name it! However, what we don’t see enough of, is you. Be who you wan’t to be, just make sure it is genuinely you.


In my mind

My hands are sore. My heart is aching, my legs are shaking, my mind is racing. Damp is my face as the trickling rain falls off of my chin. The cool fall wind is brushing my hair and grooming my soul. It’s washing away all of the fears from yesterday, and installing hope for tomorrow, by giving me courage today. I’m running, from what? The sun. I am in pursuit of the rain’s cold wet kisses. It’s warm misty hugs that embrace you with a sweet scent of renewed world. I’m crying, or is it merely the drop of life that scampers down my cheek? I look to my all around and notice that there is no one in sight. I stop, i’m panting, my lungs are screaming for air. My muscles are greedily consuming every bit of oxygen that has been entered into my body.
I have arrived. My sanctuary, my home, my place of refuge. The only place i can confine in. The only place where i am intact secluded, and unreachable…
I open my eyes. Mumford is playing through my headphones. Mrs. Hopper, is speaking on radicals. I smile, stretch my cramped legs, and patiently await for the bell’s dismissal.

How do you feel in your mind?

And We Fade Into Darkness, Fade Into Darkness

Generation Awkward

Shelly Alekka passed away a few days ago. It was cancer that took her. It was in her stomach. It’s not like we were best friends. It’s not even like we were close. I knew her though. Not like you know someone on Facebook, or someone you met once in college. I went to school with her during the formative years of our lives. My school was private and small. Her mom was my computer teacher. I used to see her everyday. She had a striking smile that I only recently noticed. I had always taken her as a serious girl; she was the competitive one back then. In those years when we wore uniforms and before makeup, I didn’t see that beauty. I regret that.

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The Commence

hispanic male that strangly enough does not act or defines himself as one? A young teenager trying to make it in this world while constantly trying to figure out, who he is, what intrigues him, and what sets him apart from the rest. I recently found that i loke blogging? ha. Im still new at this and hopfully i can use this blog as a tool as to get a better perception of who i am.

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